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Founders, product managers, marketers, and developers have always had great product ideas, but lacked a quick and easy way to express them.

Enter Balsamiq Wireframes. You just drag, drop, and arrange pre-made UI elements on the screen. You'll be amazed at the great screens you'll be able to create in just a few minutes. Not sure where to start? They can teach you!

Bring your wireframes to your collaborators and see how quickly you'll get on the same page, and reduce risk by testing them on potential customers.

Balsamiq Wireframes is available on the web, as a Desktop app, or integrated with Google Drive, Confluence, and Jira.

If you'd like to try Balsamiq for free, visit where you will find a promo code giving you an extended trial.

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RailsDevs is the reverse job board for Ruby on Rails developers.

It's like a job board, but backwards. Post your profile and sit back as companies reach out to you first.

No more sending your resume into the abyss and waiting to hear back. You're in control now.

RailsDevs is free for developers.

Get started at


Coderbuds is an online community for code reviews. Connect your repositories and automate the review process.

Teams that use Coderbuds work faster and create better code. For solo devs, you're no longer building alone.

Embrace the community to get code reviews and keep your code safe. Share and revoke access all within Coderbuds.

Good code is about collaboration. For public or private projects. For big teams and small. Improve your codebase, level up and contribute back with code.

Coderbuds is free for public projects! Give it a go today - all you need is a GitHub account.

Get started at


Nusii is proposal software that both you and your clients will love. It helps you create proposals in minutes instead of hours.

Nusii was built to help you create, send, track, manage and get paid in one easy-to-use app. Forget about searching for your best content, and following up with clients to sign on the dotted line.

Nusii donate 1% of all revenue to next-generation carbon removal technologies to fight climate change.

Get started at

Punchline Conversion Copy

Lianna Patch at Punchline Copy is a conversion copywriter and comedian. Her greatest dream is to make your customers pause, smile, and click (in that order).

Trained in the not-so-dark arts of buyer psychology and customer research, she specializes in punchy landing pages and email copy. She’s written for Freshbooks, Igloo, Manly Bands, and The Contract Shop, and a bunch of other companies you haven't heard of.

Get Lianna to write for your business at


We leverage emotional targeting to increase conversions

We help our clients get into their customers' heads and understand their true intent (why people actually buy from them) and then translate that into ROI for the biz and amazing value for customers.

We're the CRO consultancy and training space top brands turn to when they want to optimize their funnels and create experiences customers love to convert to. Using customer-centric methods, emotion and in-depth data, Talia and her team generate more leads, sales and ROI for high-growth companies.

Get started at

First Few Minutes

You have less than 5 minutes to convince your next SaaS customer they should hang around.

If they don't get your software, or their experience is sub-par, you can say goodbye.

You'll get a 20 to 30 minute video review of your SaaS, with a focus on the first five minutes of your customer's journey. They'll detail quick wins to improve customer retention and some bigger picture stuff, to chew on.

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